My mama’s visit…








It was such a blessing to have my mom come visit us. God planned it out so perfectly so she could meet her new grandson. I think this visit was one of the best so far. Not because we did anything amazing, or went anywhere extravagant, but because we just had fun together and enjoyed each other. Don’t get me wrong, we always have fun and enjoy each other, but it was different this time. I can’t really put my finger exactly why, it just was. We all didn’t want her to leave. Her two weeks went way too fast! I wish I could have stopped time:-) 
It was so nice being able to show her our new ministry and life here. She was able to meet our new friends, and reunite with our old friends. She was a mama bear to the other missionary girls around. Of course, she hugged and kissed them and they soaked it in and didn’t want YiaYia to leave either. They all miss her mama hugs and sweetness. When living this far away from family we (the missionaries around) will take any mama who wants to love on us. At times, it’s food to our dreary soul! 

We were able to get away for a long weekend. We went to Naivasha to a friends place who rent’s houses on their compound for missionaries to get away and relax. It is one of the places we LOVE to go and relax, be a family, be with our sweet Lord, hike, ride bikes, sleep…. ext. There is no internet and cell reception, it’s perfect! 





Enjoying his YiaYia 





It’s not often we get to see Hope’s real smile in photos. So when we do capture it, I have to share!:-) 





Playing house and sweeping their floor. They have the best imaginations! 



One of the days we drove to one of our favorite spots in Naivasha. On the weekends they sell pizzas, so of course we had to get a few for our lunch. YUM!! We also were able to go horse back riding… well, troy and the four kids went while mom and i got to sit and enjoy our lunch and coffee, then when they got back mom and I went riding! It was so fun. I have an awesome husband to watch the kids so I can have time with my mama alone! 


Enjoying the pizza!


On our last day in Naivasha it was Troy’s 35th birthday. The tradition here is to “wash” (dump buckets of water) the birthday boy/girl. So the girls were so excited to “surprise” wash daddy! 🙂 He was s good sport. Poor Azy somehow got more wet than daddy did! 










We finally shaved Azy’s head. He had never had a haircut and his hair grew into a mohawk. It was cute when we first got him but then it was getting pretty raggedy. So we decided since YiaYia was here, what not a better time to shave it?!? He looked so old! It’s growing in nicely now:-) 



She LOVES her YiaYia






Sadly, this is only picture I could find of just the two of us:-( And yes, it’s of mom teaching me how to sew. I know, I know, I’m 30 and I didn’t know how to hand sew, but now I do! I’ve always been able to sew with my machine…. but for some reason not with my hands:-)


Hey Guys, 

I uploaded a video on my Facebook of Troy’s recent mission trip. I’ve been trying to upload directly to our blog but for some reason it’s not working. So please go on my facebook and view it. 

Also, yesterday we were notified we were approved for adoption! Today I’m on my way to the adoption agency to receive some paper work and learn what our next steps will be. Thanks for all your prayers! We would love for continued prayers. We are excited to see who God has for our family and meet our little boy. 

Hey There! Wanted to let you know my Troy

Hey There! 


Wanted to let you know my Troy left early this morning to a village 4 hours outside of Nairobi with Kenyan Christian Vets. They will be gone until late Sunday night or Monday Morning. They are blessed to serve this community through their Vet skills and training sessions, along with the message being shared. If you think of it, please be in prayer for them these next few days. Pray God’s great strength and love with cover them, and God’s protection on the roads. 



This is our newest dog.   He actually stays,  the others are more transient visitors while we try and secure our compound Imageto be dog resistant. 

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since arriving “home”. The first few weeks we were needing to adjust back being in a different culture, new home, let lag… This week we feel we are turning the corner and going back to normal. We are loving getting to know some of the babies at the Baby House, reconnecting with friends, and getting into our grove of going to 5 different places to get our food for the week. I forgot how time consuming it is to do a simple task, but I love it. It’s Kenya! 

Next week our mom, Cherylann, comes for a week! We are so excited to see her. She is in South Sudan right now and couldn’t miss the opportunity to come down to see us:-) It is something we all are SO looking forward to. 

Ive received many emails and texts asking about Moses. He is a cutie! It was such an emotional reunion for me… wasn’t expecting all the tears, but not just for him, for all the babies! As many of you know, we have always wanted to adopt little Mo, and we still do. We are, however, realizing, it will most likely be a very long, hard road before we can. His case is so complicated because his birth mom needs to go through the courts (for attempted murder) before he can even be put up for adoption, and here in Kenya that can take years… It has already been one year! Even after her case goes through the courts, there still could many road blocks… 
So, in the mean time we are able to love on him while he lives in his home at the BH. AND love on the other 16 babies! What a fun job God has given us!  

And Guess what!?! I’m excited to say in August/September we have a girl coming from Texas to homeschool our kids along with Trena’s little girl, Julia! I am so excited about this. It will be so good for the girls to have a different teacher, a “school” to go to ( we will convert our garage to a school room or a room at the BH) and it still allow me to have the time with the kids like I do when they are homeschooling. I can’t wait! 

 until then.. off to homeschooling we go….. 

The First Week Back

The first week,

It is much easier to talk, then to live.

Life for us is much the same, the ideal of talking about mission life has come to pass and now the bumpy road (literally) of living has come. Whew, Bekah’s comment, “It is nice to come back to the familiar” was a great comfort. For me the coming back was a mixed bag of emotions. Noticeably absent was the exhilaration of a new adventure, in that it was familiar and I knew how to function and yet the desire for that feeling and energy was there and the passion and desire to help was there, so I guess that is where real life begins when newness wears off and patience and perseverance of living a daily life in Christ begins.

Dakota: It was hard coming back for me, because I miss my grandmas and grandpas and cousins but happy because seeing my friends too. And Rita. And hummm, Miss Trena. I like my new home. In the morning we have gone for walks, try to fetch salt, but instead came back with mandazis (Kenyan Donuts). “Tell them it was so yummy”

Hope: “Purple”!!!!

March 2013

One month from yesterday is departure date for Kenya and everything is ramping up again in us to be back and to say good bye well and to treasure the remaining moments.  Its challenging to want to see everyone we have not yet connected with and know that we really need to rest as well.

As many of you know Bekah had foot surgery and is doing well.  It was extremely painful but with Gods grace and peace and His perfect timing things are working out well.  We are currently stationed in the Bay Area with my parents and will spend the last few days in Bakersfield and head out of LAX.

In Kenya,  the elections are being challenged by the Supreme Court of Kenya but so far it has been a peaceful process and we are not expecting that we will fact any violence in traveling mid April.  

Additionally our new team mates have been on the house hunt and it looking promising that we might have some sort of shelter when we get back.  If not we will stay on the organizational property in a temporary housing unit until we rent a house of our own.

Like I alluded to above we are mixed up with emotions and stress and joy,  so pray that as we are in this time that we again seek refuge in Christ alone.