Dear Friends,


We hope you are well and have been so blessed by your continued support of the ministry of Christian Veterinary Mission partnering with His Cherished Ones to support the communities surrounding Nakuru, Kenya with the practical love of the gospel. 

I wanted to update you on the upcoming projects that you could be involved with as the year draws to an end, and give you a few avenues in ways that you could support, if you feel so led.  Many of you are familiar with gift catalogs and other such opportunities to give.  For those of you in Bakersfield you may have heard of Market of Hope at Laurel Glen Bible Church this coming weekend.   This year we have the incredible opportunity to be apart of this event and allow those attending to partner with us in the project work that God has called us to here in Kenya.  

Our work continues to be multifaceted and we are excited about all of the opportunities there is to serve.   The following is a more detailed description of the four projects we are working with.


Discipleship Materials:

Having been on the mission field for four years now,  one of the greatest need God has placed before us is to walk life with those around us to help impact their life for Christ.   Working within a squatter’s community at the edge of a dumpsite, my heart has been consistently pulled toward the men of this community. They are high school age to early thirties trying hard to walk life straight, but having the impossibly heavy weight of a hopelessness that the surrounds the dump pulling them towards the world.    Our desire is to put together a packet of material that would be easy to understand at basic education levels and form a discipleship group that would primarily meet the spiritual needs, but holistically address all aspects of their lives in order to be transformed.  The packet of materials would include a bible, notebook and study materials. As well as, photocopied notes on how to study the bible, resources on story telling the Bible and other discipleship material.   The goal is to deeply root them in their faith that they may in turn face each challenge in a way that brings honor to God.



Dairy goats for vulnerable families:

Dairy goats are God’s gift for the developing world.  A small package of nutrition and supplemental livelihood ready made for the rural, semi-rural, or mostly urban population.   It is recognized as one of the best places for resources to be spent in developing those around.   Unfortunately, in-breeding in these goats has lead to health problems and decline in milk production. Therefore, the top goats have become scarce and hard to find.   We are working with the local farmers and breeding organizations to bring back the production potential of the goats, and then source the best goats to be placed in two different programs. 

Our main goal is to provide nutrient rich milk from our goats as a supplement to the infants under our care at His Cherished Ones.   The milk that is produced from a goat is higher in fat and protein than cow’s milk, and aids in immune system function and proper growth, especially for the babies we receive that are malnourished.   Formula is an option for these babies, but the cost is much higher and we have seen from experience those who are sick improve with the goat’s milk. We are hoping to have a foundational herd of eight does to provide the needs for the babies, and to be the breeding stock for producing goats for the community around.   

As God provides, we can take these same high quality goats and build a house and place them in a needy family that can keep the goat and produce milk and offspring for their family.   If done well and the goat produces well it can sustain the milk needs of the family and the excess sold to produce an income.   The input required fit the lifestyle of a widowed grandmother who farms to support herself and her grandchildren that she has been left with.  The left over farm products, in combination with small inputs from the feed store, can be utilized in order to produce the milk.  

As a side note, we are working on bringing in genetics through AI (Artificial Insemination) from these goats to bring a higher level of production to these goats.  


Biogas System:

A small-scale biogas production is a technology that is greatly in need and is a great steward of the resources that we have in Kenya.    The technology takes the manure from cows, or other livestock, and collects the methane that is produced from the waste in order to harness it and use it as a general purpose fuel for cooking or heating or lighting in some capacities.   The process uses microbial digestion of the manure to produce the methane and the process also yields an incredible organic fertilizer for use in producing vegetables or crops.  

As part of a proposed dairy project for His Cherished Ones we will build a cowshed, which incorporates the biogas system in it in order to provide the cooking gas for preparing the babies meals and the fertilizer for the farm.    This would eliminate the need for other fuels, such as propane and hopefully even charcoal, which is the main source of cooking fuel in Kenya.

The biogas technology has great potential in many areas, however, the application is perfect for His Cherished Ones and the needs that coincide with the resources that are available.

Jersey Dairy Cow:

One of the joys of being a cow vet in a cow country is there are many beautiful cows to admire, but even with all the beautiful cows out there few are as beautiful as the Jersey.   The Jersey is a beautiful creation through and through; her personality is fun, structure is a small package of beauty and the milk is packed with everything good, specifically butterfat and protein exceeding that of other dairy breeds.   When it comes to supply milk for growing toddlers, this is the best we can get to help them catch the growth chart that has left most of them significantly behind.   Our plan and desire is to order two pregnant Jersey heifers to be delivered in April from an organization that’s mandate is to produce high quality dairy cows to Kenya, and they have assured us that they will reserve the cows for us.    We have planned and will construct a zero-grazing unit on the campus of His Cherished Ones, in which will provide milk year round for the babies. The excess will be sold to support the project, and also to be a blessing to our employees and neighbors who will buy from us.  


Each of the projects is an incredible blessing to be apart of as we look to what God is doing in the communities around Nakuru.   Please feel free to contact us if we can answer any questions or just to say hi,  we truly appreciate your support.     






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