It’s been a little over 3 weeks since

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since arriving “home”. The first few weeks we were needing to adjust back being in a different culture, new home, let lag… This week we feel we are turning the corner and going back to normal. We are loving getting to know some of the babies at the Baby House, reconnecting with friends, and getting into our grove of going to 5 different places to get our food for the week. I forgot how time consuming it is to do a simple task, but I love it. It’s Kenya! 

Next week our mom, Cherylann, comes for a week! We are so excited to see her. She is in South Sudan right now and couldn’t miss the opportunity to come down to see us:-) It is something we all are SO looking forward to. 

Ive received many emails and texts asking about Moses. He is a cutie! It was such an emotional reunion for me… wasn’t expecting all the tears, but not just for him, for all the babies! As many of you know, we have always wanted to adopt little Mo, and we still do. We are, however, realizing, it will most likely be a very long, hard road before we can. His case is so complicated because his birth mom needs to go through the courts (for attempted murder) before he can even be put up for adoption, and here in Kenya that can take years… It has already been one year! Even after her case goes through the courts, there still could many road blocks… 
So, in the mean time we are able to love on him while he lives in his home at the BH. AND love on the other 16 babies! What a fun job God has given us!  

And Guess what!?! I’m excited to say in August/September we have a girl coming from Texas to homeschool our kids along with Trena’s little girl, Julia! I am so excited about this. It will be so good for the girls to have a different teacher, a “school” to go to ( we will convert our garage to a school room or a room at the BH) and it still allow me to have the time with the kids like I do when they are homeschooling. I can’t wait! 

 until then.. off to homeschooling we go….. 


2 thoughts on “It’s been a little over 3 weeks since

  1. God supports what you are doing.. you are doing it for the Lord. God bless you and greetings in Jesus Name. Its a big ministry!

  2. Thinking and praying for your family today. Thanks for posting an update on the babies and lil Moses. Many blessings to each of you as you serve our great God! P.s. Im excited for you with your new homeschooling option– what an awesome blessing! 🙂

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